Teamwork In Action

NMS Talk Radio Intro’s & Outro’s

Teamwork in action!

Our success is 100% teamwork based.  To practice what we preach (teamwork) we invite you to record an intro and outro for NMS talk radio.

The more voices introducing and closing NMS talk radio shows, the more people will hear (and learn) how team members contribute to our collective success.

Dare to dive into the voice-over world?  First – play the audio file below to get a sense of tone, pacing, inflection(s), etc.


Step 2: practice reading out loud the script(s) noted below.  Feel free to improvise just enough to feature your unique personality.


Step 3: When you’re ready to record:

  • in a very quiet space use a
    • smart-phone voice-memo app, or
    • computer audio recording program (like Audacity – a powerful FREE audio recording and editing application)
  • record one audio file with the script(s) noted below.
    • feel free to improvise just enough to reflect your unique personality.
    • if you make a mistake while recording no worries!  Just keep going.  Start where you need to start to correct the error.  We’ll edit out all ooopps’s.
    • click this link to (then) upload your audio file to our shared G+ folder.  We’ll take it from there!

The scripts are:

Generic Intro

Hi! You’re listing to [your first name] from [your current city / state.] Welcome to Network Marketing Success. Org talk radio!

We’re on a mission to change the way you – as well as the world – benefits from a trillion-dollar industry known as network marketing.

Heads-up!  This show requires only your time and attention. No money.  No email lists.  No opt-ins.  No BS!   Listen closely to this show.  Enjoy blunt, insightful talk from people who have front-line entrepreneurial experience in network marketing.

Simply put NMS mission is all about learning.  Learning about yourself.  At NMS we focus on you.  Just you.  NMS members are tasked  to explore (thus learn) answers to two ancient questions.

Question 1:  Who am I?

Question 2:  Why am I here.

As NMS members continue their journey to discover answers to these two timeless questions we embrace a lifetime adventure to learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Heads-up to all past, present and future MLM and network marketing entrepreneurs.  NMS has no products to pitch.  There’s no compensation plans to learn.  In fact IF you successfully complete our FREE – but rigorous application process – when people notice your actual success – and they will –  based on a decade of success stories, just smile and say THANKS!

To learn more about NMS click to forward-slash explore n m s.

That URL again is forward-slash explore n m s.

NMS professionally produces this talk-radio show to share with you powerful, useful insider information.  We recommend you start something to take notes with.  Every show contains free useful information for souls who seek success.  To practice what we preach about learning and growing on six levels each talk-show provides insightful questions for you to think about. Your thoughts water your seeds of your potential on six powerful levels.  Are you ready to learn and grow?  Are you ready to fully explore your potential?

Got your notepad ready?  Here we go!

Generic Outro

Thank you for listening to Network Marketing Success.Org talk radio.  To explore NMS click to forward-slash explore n m s

Once again our site is forward-slash explore n m s

Join us in our weekly, lively, blunt, no pressure, no sales – Q&A sessions.  Our Q&A calls explores our mission to help you learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Before you go, be sure to follow us.  We’d also LOVE your help in getting the word out about our mission. Share this show on your social timelines.   To keep the conversation going, post a comment in the comment box found on this show page.

Thanks for listening!  Check out all our on-demand shows at forward-slash explore n m s

E-Book and Contract Q&A Series

Generic Series Intro:

In this episode we continue to create a NMS FAQ audio library. This series dives deep into both Network Marketing Success.Org’s E-book and NMS member contracts.  Each episode features blunt, frank discussions about NMS’s facts, fictions, vision, mission and movement.  To access NMS’s E-Book and Contract click to forward-slash explore n m s

Once again, our URL is forward-slash explore n m s

All set? Click this link to email us your audio file.

We’ll take it from there!

Thank you for pitching in!  Your support helps us all co-create powerful, insightful shows to share with one and all.


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