Teamwork In Action

Vision – Section Four NMS E-Book

Check out what 10 savvy network marketers: think feel question wonder about after they read Section Four of NMS’s must-read e-book… Invest 16 minutes to hear their gut-level reactions, questions and concerns to NMS’s MASSIVE seven-part Vision statement. Next?  Our panel of 10 experienced network marketing business builders share 21 minutes of questions, comments, concerns

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Mission – Section Five NMS E-Book

Eight experienced network market business builders offer frank feedback on NMS’s: Mission statement applicant screening process supporting philosophy guiding epistemology found in Section Five of NMS’s must-read e-book… Invest 21 minutes to hear our panel’s gut-level reactions, questions and concerns to NMS’s PROGRESSIVE Mission statement. Next?  Our panel continues to examine how NMS uses both

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What happened to Pat? Setting the stage with a little story….

Our second episode features nine readers who review the short story at the beginning of NMS’s e-book. Like a movie trailer our short story frames the plot as well as the outcomes we’ve planned for all NMS members. Get ready to eavesdrop on an emotional discussion about Pat’s relationship with a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic. Warning! Plot

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