Teamwork In Action

A Spiritual Focus

NMS team focus:  spiritual growth.

When we study successful ways of being we often see the words focus, discipline, concentration and perseverance.

NMS wonders what you think and how you feel about your connection to:

  • what you consider to be divine?
  • every single living element on the planet?
  • you?  Your life?  Your purpose?

During a 12 month adventure with your spiritually focused team we’ll gently, compassionately, gracefully nurture a space to explore (versus analyze) a desire to fully awaken your spiritual nature. Class topics include:

    1. How do I practice compassion – daily?
    2. What role does gratitude play in daily life?
    3. What challenges me about other beliefs, faiths or practices?
    4. Where (or when) does my spirit call me the most?
    5. What’s my sense of connection that which I consider Divine?
    6. Why is my spiritual awakening important?

As we come to celebrate more profound levels of awareness, months melt into years.  Years lay the foundation for rock-solid connections. Your team becomes a source of strength when chaos threatens your sense of spirit.  Individual team member growth fertilizes an awareness of the miracle life is with every word spoken (or silenced); every deed done or postponed.  As time flickers from one season to the next the light you are – right now – shines more brilliantly with every passing day.

Minimum Spiritual Focus Requirements?

  1. Active NMS membership
  2. Six hours per month (approximately 2 hours a week)
  3. Receipt of signed Release to acknowledge and confirm a one-year commitment.
    • Click to review terms and conditions.
    • Print and sign last page.
    • Email photo of signed last page to Soul University.
    • First payment due one month before classes start.






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