Teamwork In Action

Schedule 30 Minute Intake Interview

Are you ready for your close-up?

To ensure we gain and maintain ongoing success we pre-screen every NMS applicant.  Before you spend a dime we’ll answer questions, resolve concerns and clarify agreements. Before completing the schedule request form, kindly complete these tasks:

  1. Review our Vision, Mission & Movement E-Book
  2. Review our Terms & Conditions.
  3. Takes notes as you review materials. Bring notes to your intake interview.
    • We’ll know if you read and listened to our materials.  We’ll quiz you on what you read and hear.  We’ll definitely quiz you on your understanding of how NMS will build your network marketing company.
    • Think you can wing it? Kindly respect our time and resources.  If we sense you’re unprepared we’ll politely conclude your call well before 30 minutes is up.  In six months (after you’ve had a chance to prepare more) you’re welcome to schedule a second interview.
    • We record all interviews.  We’ll send you a link to download your recording within 24 hours of completing your interview.
  4. No shows?  Heads-up.  Do not reschedule if you miss your interview! Why?  NMS success is based on words matching deeds 99.999% of the time.  No-showing on your interview is equivalent to blowing-off a job interview.  Would you hire someone who no-showed on their interview?

Good luck!