Teamwork In Action

Q&A Conference Calls

We host lively questions and answers conference calls.

Click this link to RSVP for our next Q&A call.  We’ll put you on our list. 

When we have 12 (or more) people ready to rock and roll – you’ll receive ONE email of the day and time of the next call.

No pitches. No pressure. Blunt! Geared to balance wit with wisdom sharing

Prepare yourself for a lively hour to learn if you’re ready for Network Marketing Success.Org (NMS). Right from the get-go our goal is simple.

  • be informed. This resources available on this site will help you prepare a list of questions.
    • Bring those questions to the Q&A call.
    • Question we know are easily answered (with even a whiff of effort) become opportunities for prepared callers to step-up and show NMS they’re ready to rock n’ roll!
    • Basic questions such as who NMS is and what we’re up to – all amply answered in our E-Book.
  • be impressed. As you dive deep into this site, you’ll see the results of a decades-worth of planning, polishing and power from tapping into credentialed, street-wise souls.
  • be inspired. Inspired such that when you start your journey with us it’ll be because you earned the right to be here.

Our Q&A sessions help you absorb what we’re up to. Souls who plan to apply to join NMS use Q&A calls to prepare for a 30 minute intake interview. Like a job interview your 30 minute NMS intake interview is your chance to show NMS your ready for what we offer.

Unlike most network marketing companies that’ll gladly accept your registration and card number NMS screens out a wide variety of applications. Schedule your no-pitch, no-pressure interview when you sense you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

Q&A Call prep tips:

  • Set reminders for yourself! Technology fails. Emails get lost. Batteries die. Take a moment to create reminders / to-do’s to be prepared and on time for our call.
  • We open the call 15 minutes early to help everyone settle in (intro’s, howdy’s, etc.)
  • We’ll record all calls to create a robust Q&A call archive. Archived calls available on our talk-radio station – NMS Talk Radio!

Can you tell we’re a bit different yet?

Right from the start we test things out to see if we’re a fit for you. NMS’s goal is simple. Success begins and ends with you.