Teamwork In Action

A Physical Focus

NMS team focus: the physical world.

Have you noticed successful souls are focused folks?   To help us focus on your success, NMS invites you to ponder this question:

Which part of my life needs the most attention – right now?

  1. My body? My Home?
  2. My mind? My Relationships?
  3. My soul? My spiritual awakening?

Is your answer (a)?  Great!  We’ll co-create a team to help you gain and maintain a more healthy physical world.

As year one unfolds we co-create a personal road map to look, find, test then use resources needed to experience a more healthy body, home, world.  A short-list of class exercises:

    1. Gain and maintain good physical health.
    2. Identify and release unhealthy habits – often the source of unhealthy stress / weight.
    3. Learn and resolve ways of self-sabotage.
    4. Explore and create enjoyable ways to live in a healthy space.
    5. Explore how material world wants and needs impact physical health.
    6. Discover what it takes to inspire yourself to learn, laugh and grow – always.

As we celebrate your one-year anniversary together we shift into maintenance mode. Once again your team (who now seem like extended family) provides the support, insight and incentive to cement life-long healthy habits.

Minimum Physical Focus Requirements?

    1. Active NMS membership.  Membership details:
    2. Four hours per month (approximately 1 hour a week)
    3. Receipt of signed Release to acknowledge and confirm a one-year commitment.
      • Click to review terms and conditions.
      • Print and sign last page.
      • Email photo of signed last page to Soul University.
      • First payment due one month before classes start.






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