Teamwork In Action

Emotional Focus

NMS team focus:  emotional well being.

Success is a mindset.  When you think about success who comes to mind?  What are their traits?

When you ponder the term – healthy mind – what comes to mind?

  • Less mind chatter caused by our internal chaos committee?  What committee you say?  We’ll start with the Chaos Chair:  Ego.  Ego enjoys the support of sub-committees to include our inner Judge, Perfectionist, Critic and Competitor
  • Less stress stirred by four primary sources of stress: doubt, guilt, shame and worry?

Step by step NMS classes provide a framework to re-discover a sense of peace.  As friendships deepen we’ll collectively co-create a dynamic mastery of  mind team. A short-list of class topics include:

    1. Exploring (then expanding) your sense of balance between giving and receiving.  Do you feel balanced most the time?
    2. When it comes to taking care of yourself, what do you?
    3. What do you need to feel more safe and secure?
    4. Which relationships creates the most stress?  What’s the roots to this stress?
    5. Which feeling consumes more attention (time) than others:  doubt, guilt, shame or worry?
    6. What happens when you experience silence?

Heads-up! Your first year will fly by!  We say this based on a decade of participant feedback.  With each passing month your team ripens into an on-going wellspring of support.  As dramas and traumas fade with steady hands to support you, you’ll re-discover yourself.  With each new discover we all learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Minimum Mind Matters Requirements?

  1. Active NMS membership
  2. Six hours per month (approximately 1.5 hours a week)
  3. Receipt of signed Release to acknowledge and confirm a one-year commitment.
    • Click to review terms and conditions.
    • Print and sign last page.
    • Email photo of signed last page to Soul University.
    • First payment due one month before classes start.






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