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Every past, present and future MLM / network marketing entrepreneurs needs to read our 56 page E-Book.

Considering how much money new entrepreneurs spend when they start their MLM or network marketing business the information in this e-book at may save you thousands of dollars and hundred of hours. Viewing is free for the moment.

Kindly note the information in the audios and videos are identical.  If you listen to an audio file you’ll hear the exact same information in the accompany video.  Some souls like to just listen.  Some souls like to watch and listen.  (We do spice-up our videos with some amazing material to entertain you while you watch!) Which option do you like best?  Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


  • The BIG picture along with a FAQ series overview.
  • A little story What happened to Pat?  (to set the stage).
  • Section One:  Four hard facts about an industry people love to hate.
  • Section Two:  Three goals that will surprise you!
  • Section Three:  A frank, blunt industry gap analysis every MLM and network marketing entrepreneur needs to know about.
  • Section Four:  a MASSIVE seven-part vision statement that’ll knock your socks off!
  • Section Five:  NMS mission statement packed with questions you wouldn’t expect.
  • Section Six:  NMS call to action.  Where rubber meets the road. (Warning! No quick fixes here!)

Contract: (Members only)

  • Cost(s), Liability And Responsibility (Basic rules of the road to co-create ongoing success for all.)
  • Section 1:  Team Member Requirements (Is NMS a fit for you?)
  • Section 2: Non-Participation Penalties (What happens if you flake!)
  • Section 3: Wild Cards / Variables (A few housekeeping items to ensure we remember NMS is one-for-all and all-for-one.)
  • Section 4: Participation Ground Rules (Co-creating reliable life-guards to watch over us as we dive deep.)
  • Appendix A (Mind-numbing details on how NMS builds thriving, successful businesses.)

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