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Mission – Section Six NMS E-Book

Ten business builders (with a combined century of experience in network marketing) fact-check NMS’s e-book Section Six: A Movement. Session discussion points:

  1. How do our panelists react to NMS’s four reasons for inviting people to apply to become an NMS member?
  2. When it’s time to shift from thinking to doing – what do you do?
  3. Which of NMS’s six levels of learning caught our panelists eye?

In 18.5 minutes our 12th NMS e-book FAQ session offers a blunt realty check on NMS’s business model.

  1. Are our standards too high?
  2. Will potential applicants quit before they start?
  3. What’s at stake when you take a pass on NMS teams and tools?
    • Be prepared to learn, laugh and wonder about your next steps.
    • Take notes as you listen.
Panel Participants:

Brejetta Tally

Cheryl Ryser

Daniel Sisseck

David H. Paul

Kareem Maize

Marsha Sortino

Rik Rodriguez

Scott Foreman-Orr

Soul Dancer

Steven Holten

Next?  In 23 minutes we’ll learn if our panelists are ready for NMS.   As you listen to their concerns as well as what they learned by reading our e-book you’ll get a feeling about your next steps with NMS.

As you listen to these FAQ’s – take notes.  Post your notes in the respective comment box(es) on our:

Click to access Section Six of NMS’s e-book – what we’re talking about in these shows…

Gut Reactions & Insights

Open: 00:00 – 04:04

Reactions: 04:05 – 17:23

Close: 17:24 – 18:30

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

Questions & Concerns

Open: 00:00 – 04:54

Insights: 04:55 – 21:42

Close: 21:43 – 23:00

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

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