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Mission – Section Five NMS E-Book

Eight experienced network market business builders offer frank feedback on NMS’s:

  1. Mission statement
  2. applicant screening process
  3. supporting philosophy
  4. guiding epistemology

found in Section Five of NMS’s must-read e-book

Invest 21 minutes to hear our panel’s gut-level reactions, questions and concerns to NMS’s PROGRESSIVE Mission statement.

Next?  Our panel continues to examine how NMS uses both their Vision and Mission statements to provide insightful, powerful personal and professional coaching.  In 17 minutes you’ll discover just how valuable NMS’s e-book really is!

After listening to these FAQ’s  – how do you feel?  Post your comments in the respective comment box(es) on our:

Panel Participants:

Brejetta Tally

Cheryl Ryser

Kareem Maize

Marsha Sortino

Rik Rodriguez

Ron Tarlton

Scott Foreman-Orr

Sharon Cortezano

Soul Dancer


Click to access Section Five of NMS’s e-book – what we’re talking about in these shows…

Gut Reactions

Open: 00:00 – 04:25

Feedback: 04:26 – 19:52

Close: 19:53 – 21:04

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

Questions & Insights

Open: 00:00 – 04:41

Insights: 04:42 – 15:40

Close: 15:41 – 17:04

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

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