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NMS Journey ~ Section Two NMS E-Book

NMS vision and mission is based on three primary goals.  What are these goals?  How will these goals shape an industry evolution? 

Listen or watch panelist’s share their gut-level reactions, questions and concerns to Section Two of NMS’s E-Book.

Click this link or order a copy of NMS’s must-read e-book.  Follow along as you listen / watch the content offered below.

How do you feel about NMS’s three primary goals?  What do you think about our twist on trust?  Listen / watch to explore more!  Remember to share comments in the comment box below.

Panel Participants:

Brejetta Tally

Cheryl Ryser

Daniel Sisseck

David H. Paul

Kareem Maize

Marsha Sortino

Rik Rodriguez

Sharon Cortezano

Soul Dancer

Click to access Section Two of NMS’s e-book – what we’re talking about in these shows…

Gut Reactions

Open:  00:00 – 04:18
Reactions:  04:19 – 19:03
Close:  19:04 – 20:30

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

Questions & Concerns

Open:  00:00 – 04:17
Discussion:  04:18 – 18:44
Close:  18:45 – 20:00

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

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