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Network Marketing Cold Hard (Dismal) Facts

Check out what 10 savvy network marketers:

  1. think
  2. feel
  3. question
  4. wonder

about after they read Section One of NMS’s must-read e-book

Listen in to their gut-level reactions, questions and concerns to Section One of our E-book. Learn what they think about the research presented concerning three critical network marketing gaps.

Panel Participants:

Brejetta Tally

Cheryl Ryser

Daniel Sisseck

David H. Paul

Kareem Maize

Marsha Sortino

Rik Rodriguez

Sharon Cortezano

Soul Dancer

In 32 minutes you’ll learn what every person contemplating or involved in network marketing should know about their ability to be financially successful based on cold hard facts.

Click to access Section One of NMS’s e-book – what we’re talking about in these shows…

Gut Reactions

Open: 00:00 – 04:00

Facts: 04:01 – 30:51

Close: 30:52 – 32:15

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

Questions & Concerns

Open: 00:00 – 04:18

Q&A: 04:19 – 15:01

Close: 15:01 – 16:10

Click to download the audio file at NMS Talk Radio

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2 thoughts on “Network Marketing Cold Hard (Dismal) Facts

  1. I appreciated this focus group discussion on the Ebook. My initial reaction was that I was pretty concerned with the government statistics for network marketing companies. There were so many good perspectives that everyone shared on blogtalk and youtube!!

    • Mahalo (thank you) Marsha! Those stats – while frightening – are sadly based on replicating industry training techniques that replicate failure. Failure includes even the highest income earners based on one cold hard fact – retention. High income MLM and network marketing entrepreneurs know all to well their downline requires constant new members to replace members who decide to quit. True? If the only reason a member has to stay with a company is solely based on some future hope they MIGHT earn money – and that money never shows up – no wonder they quit. Right?

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