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NMS Contract Section 2: Non-Participation Penalties


Our 16th FAQ episode is part three of a six part series focused on a detailed NMS member contract.  How did nine experienced network marketing business builders feel about our non-participation penalties?

  • Too strict?
  • Too many?
  • Just right?

Listening tip!  Click this link to download a copy of our contract.

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Panel Participants:

Brejetta Tally

Cheryl Ryser

Chris Peeters

Daniel Sisseck

David H. Paul

Kareem Maize

Marsha Sortino

Rik Rodriguez

Sharon Cortezano

Soul Dancer

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Audio time tracking:

Open: 00:00 – 04:07
Discussion: 04:08 – 24:36
Close: 24:37 – 26:00

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