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NMS iTunes ~ Simplified Q&A Sessions & More – Updates

October 16th, 2016 Updates & Announcements

Since our last update our audio and video production team are delighted to share HUGE NEWS!  After 8+ hours of conference call time to fact-check our E-Book combined with over 45 hours of audio and 12 hours of video production time NMS’s e-book Q&A FAQ sessions are D.O.N.E.   Over the next couple weeks we’ll churn-out similar shows / videos for NMS’s Contract FAQ Series.

Audio file access available in three locations:

Download any file to listen to any where, any time!

Our YouTube channel uses the same talk-radio audio files with a splash of entertainment.

  • Sometimes you’ll enjoy nature, the sea or a range of quotes.
  • What do you think about what we came up with?
  • Comments on our attempt to entertain you – welcomed in the comment box below is simply fabulous!

We radically simplified our weekly Q&A conference call sessions!


  • GONE – the need to RSVP.  Just dial in on Monday nights – on time please.  Nobody on the line by 10 minutes after the top of the hour . . . bye bye!  See you next week!
  • GONE – Wednesday and Friday night calls.  (If you wish to offer a Q&A call on a day / time that works for you – just say the word!  We’ll add it to the Q&A page.
  • GONE – complexity!  Yea!

Feel free to post a regular “you’re invited to a FAQ fest” on your social walls – daily – starting Friday through Sunday.


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